About The LIMIT Society

The LIMIT Society was founded in 2021 by Randy Myers, founder of G.A.I.N.. In order to be eligible, an applicant must possess an IQ of at least 155 on the standard deviation of 15. The lifetime membership fee costs 10 Euros, and you can apply on the Join page.

Welcome to LIMIT, Nima Karimi-Busheri!
Nima Karimi-Busheri lives in Canada and joined LIMIT on 11/10/21 with induction number, 0012!

Welcome to LIMIT, Mario Moreno!
Mario Moreno lives in Spain and joined LIMIT on 10/21/21 with induction number, 0011!

Welcome to LIMIT, Javier Rio Santos!
Javier Rio Santos lives in Spain and joined LIMIT on 09/23/21 with induction number, 0010!

Welcome to LIMIT, Emanuel Gherghinoiu!
Emanuel Gherghinoiu lives in Romania and joined LIMIT on 09/07/21 with induction number, 0009!

Welcome to LIMIT, Femke Smit!
Femke Smit lives in Netherlands and joined LIMIT on 08/28/21 with induction number, 0008!

Welcome to LIMIT, Fengzhi WU!
Fengzhi WU lives in China and joined LIMIT on 08/19/21 with induction number, 0007!

Welcome to LIMIT, Tim Gatty!
Tim Gatty lives in United Kingdom and joined LIMIT on 08/18/21 with induction number, 0006!

Welcome to LIMIT, Thomas Ossel!
Thomas Ossel lives in Netherlands and joined LIMIT on 08/14/21 with induction number, 0005!

Welcome to LIMIT, Paul F. Kisak!
Paul F. Kisak lives in United States and joined LIMIT on 08/13/21 with induction number, 0004!